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Ulrike* - My Room - My World
In our big house is my favourite and the most important place my room. It is as a matter of fact my own small world. It is my creation of it. It is not just a boring place where I sleep and study every day but it is much more. I cry there, I laugh, I do my plans about my future and so on. However, that place is full of good and bad memories. I spend most of my time in it. You can find my room on the second floor at the end of corridor. Well, you can not get wrong because on my door is a big A of an animals stickers. My room is quite big and light. I also have a balcony with a beautiful view. My room has very light pink walls. They are pink because I like that colour and not because of the meaning of that colour. On my walls you can see a lot of posters of wild animals. Furniture is pretty new. I have a big wardrobe. On the doors of wardrobe are photographs of me with my family. I also have two book cases but not with books. You can see there a lot of nostalgic souvenirs and toys from my childhood. I have a big bed and that is of course my favourite place in my room. My desk is very big but always disordered. I have got so many things on it and most of them are totally useless. I have got my laptop on desk, too. Under desk is wastebasket. I have a blue sofa in my room and that is place where a usually study or read books, magazines, newspapers. I have very different plants but the most special are those who eat vermin. I have two windows. One is above the desk and another is a balcony window. It is my room but I still share it with someone else. That is my parrot. It is a yellow-head amazon and her name is Aja. She is about 5 years old and she speaks all the time. Sometimes when she is too noisy I move her cage on the corridor. That helps when I need quiet when I study. So, that is something about the look of my room and I think it just enough.
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